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[The journals may look different, but they still work much the same way. Eugene's pleased for that, because it makes this so much easier...]

Allllright, listene-- I mean, Lucetians. Eugene, here and It's been a while since my last broadcast-- in fact, I think me and Jack have fallen off that bus entirely. [At least temporarily, while Jack's deafness was still in effect...] Still, I'm reaching out to all of you today to try and share some helpful information.

As we are all aware, Luceti's in a bit of a... time warp, I guess? Anyway, with the time warp means that our rations are more like rations than they were before.

The good news for you all is that I happen to have developed a survivalist's cookbook during my time back home. And for those of you who don't know, that's during a pretty heinous apocalypse filled with zombies and mad scientists. I can't actually make this up.

I've developed these recipes on the go, adding a few from some other survivalists, and have personally indulged, so I can vouch for their nutrition. Can't always vouch for the flavor, but priorities...

I'm helping out with tilling the fields, so if you want a copy, I'll be happy to provide. Or, add to the collection! I'm always happy to hear about new combinations to put food together. Just drop on by, maybe bring me some water? God, I miss A Shot in the Dark...

[ooc: Anyone is welcome to respond, new and old CR alike. Let's all talk about something we love. I love food, don't you?]
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Food really had a way of drawing people's attention no matter what age they were. A growling stomach would be the first sound made while Eugene peeked out from the trees at this strange town. He didn't remember coming here, he didn't really even remember much of anything from a few minutes ago, a lot of it was fuzzy. But the desire to eat was real.

So he made it to this shop that smelled nice, watched as people came and went and got hot drinks. Hot drinks sounded good right now, it was too cold outside, so he made his way to the counter, ordered a drink, and went back outside with a warm mug to sit at a table.

His feet didn't quite touch the ground when he sat, but that wasn't unusual, he wasn't tall enough yet to have that luxury. In fact, someone might begin to wonder who this kid is that's arrived. His wings look familiar, black with blue tips, dark curly hair, brown eyes... drawn to food.

[OOC: Action and prose are both welcome. Eugene will likely be making his way around the town in small spurts in an effort to keep warm. Feel free to bother him
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Good afternoon, Luceti. Eugene, here, and I hope you're all keeping warm out there. I know many of you are probably still recovering from the solstice celebration earlier this month, or festivities that might preoccupy you during the end of a year and the beginning of the next, but I am in need of a favor from a few of you.

[His smile is hopeful, a little nervous, but not tremendously so. That nervousness does prompt him to lick his lips to wet them, giving a semi-glance offscreen for a moment before continuing.]

I, uh, will need whoever's helping Tasha out with her café to contact me as soon as possible. Nothing's gone wrong, but I think it's a good idea I get to know you all better. I don't think I've met you all just yet. But we can work on fixing that.

Anyway, business is open as usual, if you need a warm drink to keep you from freezing. Drop by, I'd love to have the company! As always, listeners...

[Now his smile is genuine, feeling a little bit of embarrassment since technically the audience was watchers instead of listeners, but old habits die hard.]

Don't do anything crazy, out there. Just kidding-- stay safe.
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Who: Jack Holden, Eugene Woods, and Luceti at large
What: A short radio broadcast
When: July 15th
Where: on air
Summary: Jack and Eugene do what they do best, present themselves derpily over the air
Rating: PG

This is not a test )
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Helpful advice or concerned comments? Feel free to help steer me on the right path.

Thanks for the time and consideration!


Apr. 20th, 2013 12:01 pm
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Short and sweet, I've got a final the 29th and work full time. I'll be off till April 30th so I can focus on school. Though I will backthread with the appointments I recently began with Sabriel, Helios, Saori, and Pepper as well as one research thread where Eugene won't be round for interaction.

Stay safe out there!
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This post is intended for anything that one could want to RP with Eugene.  Nothing fancy here, just a date, type, and place where you'd like to meet up with him and we'll go from there.  The only limit here is the imagination.

Stay safe out there!
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[Begins transmission with a smile, him flying solo in his own journal for the day. And here, being committed to your entertainment. Or at least, it's in the works, but today he has a few things in mind he'd like to accomplish to get that started.]

Hello, Luceti, it's a chilly morning out there, so make sure you're nice and bundled up for any sort of travel you expect to be doing today.

Jack and I are still compiling some requests and compositions from you lovely lot, and if you'd like to put in some last minute offers or requests, feel free to let me or Jack know.

[Switches gears a little, looking just a little nervous]

I also come to you today for a request.

[Takes a deep breath and averts his eyes just a moment, licking his lips before glancing back to the screen]

I've heard of some doctors being located at the Battle Dome and I had questions about... things... regarding mobility, mostly. Ah, if anyone could get me in contact with a doctor there, I would really... really appreciate it. As some of you know I have some mobility issues and improving that would be...

[Smiles a little, wistful and hopeful but trying to keep it under wraps]

...It would be my top priority.

[Scratches the side of his nose with one finger and sits back]

Alright, thanks again, listeners-- and stay safe out there.
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Radio boys being derps )


[Clearly, something was off. But after getting dressed, checking the journals, and doing some very brief recon (read: a peek out the door of CH7 is more than enough, thank you), Jack and Eugene are chilling in their somewhat-remodeled digs and plotting future moves. Without too much difficulty, they come to an agreement - to make the CH7 first floor first apartment a designated safe room for all who need a place to crash while the world goes wonky around them. This is also a joint post, so feel free to indicate if you would like to interact with Jack and/or Eugene in the title, and we will respond accordingly!]


To whom it may concern, due to strange circumstances, Jack and I are officially declaring CH7, first floor, room one as a safe room. If you’re looking for somewhere to escape the outside world, we still have leftover pie and space to keep a few folks from having to deal with whatever the Malnosso have going on.
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[A slightly fuzzy but then suddenly crisp clear face appears, looking into the screen with barely-there nervousness. He wasn't camera shy, but there were things out here that he should be anxious about being found by. Clears his throat softly before speaking, glancing off quickly to one side when he heard something move in the distance]

Ah, hello. My name's Eugene and I have a request, for any listeners out there...

[Pauses a second to gather his thoughts, brows knitting together as he gives a thoughtful look to something behind his portable... book thing. Tablet?]

I apologize if I've... wound up with someone's stolen tablet--

[Laughs a little nervously but continues on]

But I could use some help out here. Ah, I'll give it back? I didn't actually steal it, I sort of found it... out here. In the woods.

[And hopefully the owner of said tablet wasn't already dead. Hopefully he wasn't alone. The thought makes him swallow hard]

I'm gonna look for a stick in the meantime. Thanks in advance! Stay safe out there!

[Grins a little but it's obvious he's unsure, waving his fingers next to his face before cutting the signal]
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